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Building Bridges to Southeast Asia

exploreASEAN Map Asean countries, Southeast Asia

Welcome to exploreASEAN!

We are proud to present the fourth edition of exploreASEAN, which is providing young people with the chance to access the ASEAN community.

Each member state of ASEAN has its unique economical, cultural and environmental characteristics. It is challenging to gain an impression of job prospects in each country in Southeast Asia. Our project pursues to give an in-depth understanding of each country to young talents and supports them to gain a foothold in the ASEAN region.

Coopetition and Digitalization in ASEAN

Over the course of this fourth edition, the exploreASEAN delegation will visit the three member states Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. The new edition's theme Coopetition and Digitalization focuses on how coopetition can help ASEAN to achieve a higher value creation as a whole, especially in terms of digitalization, as not every member state is on the same level yet in this regard. 

While it is clear that friendly competition among all ASEAN member states exists, they still cooperate with each other as members of an intra-governmental organization in order to foster prosperity across their individual borders. The concept of coopetition can be applied to several aspects but will undoubtedly prove to be particularly interesting in the field of digitalization, as not every member state of ASEAN is equally developed in this regard. We strive to find out how coopetition and digitalization impact the ASEAN region and how everyone can best benefit from it. 

 We would be honored to have you on board to exploreASEAN together!

Latest news

Start of the fourth edition

After having received a smooth handover by the previous project management team, we are delighted and excited to finally being able to start with this exciting project, which now runs for the fourth consecutive year.

From now on, we will do our best to ensure that after three successful editions, the fourth one will be a success again.

We are looking forward to working on this project and to being able to develop it further. Moreover, we would like to thank the previous project team for their support at this very beginning of the 4th edition ofexploreASEAN

Your Project Management Team 2018/2019

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A new chapter begins

The 3rd edition of exploreASEAN 2017/18 is history!

But the story continues..Shortly after the final event of all international student projects, the search for new project managers started intensively. After a short application period, the international student projects received numerous applications of high-potential students that have the determination and ability to manage the new project edition. This project provides them the opportunity to gain valuable project management skills in an international context and expand their professional network.

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New Project Managers wanted!

Fellow students! Are you a disciplined and persistent person seeking an opportunity to challenge your managing skills?

Expand your international network, interact with innovative companies and expand your horizons within these proejcts.

Apply as a project manager for one of the most prestigious student projects of the FHNW – explore ASEAN, Focus India, connectUS or Insight China. The deadline for the application is Friday, 11 May 2018 (12.00 CET)!

A unique opportunity to grow and progress is ahead of you!

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