Insights to Batik Industry

Tuesday the 03.04.18. started off with the usual breakfast. On this day, 24 out of the 28 delegation members could join which was an improvement to the day before, where more had to stay in bed. The bus took us to “Rumah Batik Komar”, which is a batik producer. Batik Shirts is a typical Indonesian clothing, which can be worn on business occasion similar to a suit in western Europe. As we are typical Swiss we were around 30 minutes early and had to wait for the Indonesian students and the tour to start.

As we entered the building the warm distinctive smell of heated wax made everyone a bit groggy and it took some time to adapt to the air. In the company’s presentation, we got introduced to the procedure of creating the batik shirts. The process consists of creating a pattern with heated wax. After finishing the pattern, the cloth is colored with the wished colors and then the wax is boiled of in a boiling water pot. As a highlight we could apply the process to a small cloth ourselves, which was a very fun experience. After the tour we were guided to their store with beautiful different batik clothing, such as shirts, dresses, scarfs and many more.

Most interesting was the visible differences between the companies visited up to that point and the Batik producer, as the previous companies were all very modern and this company was more traditional.

After the departing with the bus and saying goodbye to the very welcoming and hospital Indonesian students we went to the hotel to relax and get the luggage. As there were many still not fit they took their chance to take a short refreshing nap while the others went to eat.  The bus took us to the airport after checking out and we went on our way to Singapore.

Arriving in Singapore the whole delegation was looking forward to the new hotel, as it was the most luxurious one from the whole travel. Luckily, they were not disappointed. After checking-in everybody went on their way to eat dinner. We went to an Italian place, as we were not prepared to eat something Asian, as most of the small group had to stay in bed the day before. Therefore, Pasta and Pizza could give us the needed energy to prepare for the next day.

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